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What we do?

IT Asset Management

DST Solutions offers a lifecycle asset Management Services


DST Solutions offers a lifecycle asset Management Services


DST Solutions offers a lifecycle asset Management Services

What’s are our products?

Dst Solutions is a leading international trader in volume ‘redundant’ personal computer stocks.We purchase and sell bulk consignments of used, refurbished and surplus new equipment including

  1. Desktops,Notebooks
  2. Printers & Photocopier
  3. Monitors
  4. Computer Parts and PC related Hardware

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Our News

  • We are a company that lives and dies by our on-going relationships and if we do not take care of our clients then we deserve them to take their busine

  • About 10 years ago, a growing recognition of the need for safe standards and accountability set in motion the move toward certification for the electr

  • With Windows Insider build 17083, Microsoft responded to criticism about transparency by adding a ‘Diagnostic Data Viewer’ app to the OS f

We are bulk computer dealers who trade in volumes of Used, Refurbished, Recycled and end of line Computer stocks

With a worldwide network of trusted suppliers and customers, we are perfectly placed to help you gain value whenever you wish to source or dispose of computer equipment in volume. Our stock is sourced from trusted suppliers such as large corporations and leasing companies and then redistributed to clients worldwide, fully tested and guaranteed. We trade from a sound financial platform which allows us to buy very large volumes without any risk whatsoever to our sellers and to handle consignments which to date have numbered between 100 and 50,000 units of a single line. By specialising only in bulk trade and only in our core stocks, we are able to do what we do extremely well and very cost-effectively, as we concentrate on providing: Reliable Equipment, Unbeatable value of money and Trouble Free Delivery