Partner Purchase

Partner Purchase

We are a company that lives and dies by our on-going relationships and if we do not take care of our clients then we deserve them to take their business elsewhere. On-going business is what allows us to develop and grow as a company whether financially or company size and as such it is the one part where we would consider ourselves to be the best in the industry.
Our focus is very clear, on-going clients need to feel that we are on their side and that we understand their particular concerns so we make sure that we approach all their business sitting the same side as the table as them. We ensure that a relationship is personal because people deal with people and no matter what your offering, if the dynamics just do not work then the game is already over before it has even began. We are large enough and strong enough financially that we have never not been able to buy a project or deal because of its size or cost, yet we are small enough for no deal to become “just another deal”.

Partner Purchase is the process by which we deal with a large amount of our on-going business with clients. It means that we set up agreed prices into the future whether for a specific project or refresh/rollout or just because stocks will continue to roll out and a client would like to fix prices for months in advance. Whichever way we do a Partner Purchase it brings both companies a level of stability and enables both companies to concentrate on their core business without having to negotiate prices every week or month.

With offices in Australia, Singapore, USA and Canada with expansion set to reach further developing markets we are well placed to cater for moving your projects into our markets.
Get in touch with us and feel the comfort of having a company supports you with the relationship you imagined for yourself.

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