Many organizations have responsibilities to ensure the electrical and electronic items which they manufacture, sell or handle are disposed of safely and responsibly.  Some electronic waste (e-waste) is classified as hazardous waste. This is because it contains certain components or substances which can be harmful to the environment and the community if not handled and disposed of correctly.

DST Solutions is the world's largest electronics recovery, refurbishing and recycling company who works with many organizations to help them meet local e-waste requirements or CSR objectives.

We work with companies to find ways to reduce the e-waste they produce by either providing services for refurbishing for reuse, refurbishing for resale, recovering parts to sell or support maintenance programmes or to responsibly recycle.

DST Solutions is one of the world's largest e-waste recycling companies and handles many types of hazardous e-waste responsibly and compliantly. Our commitment to compliance and standards provides you with the peace of mind that all your hazardous waste is being dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner.